What’s the SPIT?

Hey there,

Thanks for checking out The Spit Happens Podcast.

This is a place where trending topics, cultural differences and pressing issues are discussed. The growing trend in our culture is this idea to take every negative aspect of a story and glorify it for profits. Well what we here at Spit Happens try to do (seriously make an attempt), is to show the positive, the light, the hope in the Hot Button Topics. Essentially we just Try to Keep It Real!

So….. Spit Happens???? Where did this come from? Well its simple Jesus!! no seriously that’s where it came from, if you don’t know check out John 9:1-41. Spit Happens though came about a few years ago during a sermon given by our (Brandon & Tim) senior pastor (Kenny) during the teaching of when Jesus healed the blind man, he proclaimed “With Jesus spit happens”.  Fast forward a few years, we (Tim and Brandon) are trying to think of a name for a podcast that speaks about REAL HOPE and BOOM “SpitHappens”.